Photography, graphics, video and SoMe in one place!

Being in the creative business for more than 7 years has given me some solid abilities in my field of work.
Read more about the different things I can help you with below.


Photography is not only clicking a button. Its a matter of quality and attention to detail. I always make sure that most of the work is done before the photo is shot. Its easier for me and takes less time in Photoshop. With more than 10 years of photography experience, I have been trying a lot of different genres. That’s why I can almost guarantee that I will be able to assist with the job you need finished.

Send me a message and lets talk details!

Social Media

Social Media is more than just posting from time to time. To succeed on SoMe you have to be social yourself. Interact with others, comment, like, follow, share. On top of that you have to be unique. Create your very own content and stand out from the crowd of millions of other users who chases the same as you!

Being involved in the growth of Unisport’s social accounts and experiencing first hand what it took to raise my own personal account, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that I’m ready to share with you. Just send me a message and we can begin!


As an educated Media Graphic Designer, I’m able to combine my love for photography with my interest for graphics. I do everything from campaigns, banners, flyers, websites, logos.. You name it!

By combining all of my skills, we will work closely together on reaching the result you desire.


You might wanna spice up your website or Social Media account with a little video. A “How To”, “Behind The Scenes”, “Unboxing”, “Event video”, etc.

By setting the proper mood, we can get your message across both on picture and video.